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Palm Palm Garden Palm Garden

A new cosmos unfolds. Create your place in this world.

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Palm Garden: Epiphytes

Debris gathers across the chain. A vast labyrinth emerges. A world takes form.

Beneath and between the machines, a vast, primitive system of mazes fractalizes. Portals open. Space expands. The first organisms arise: they are living possibilities. Inklings of the world to come. And they are here.

Adopt your Inkling and create your place in this emerging world. Solve puzzles, join other Inklings on adventures, explore the uncharted territories that the community will bring into being. 

A new world beckons..ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ A new world beckons.

A new world beckons..ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ A new world beckons.

Define Your Path

Every Inkling is unique: a drop of cosmic dew, the seed of an idea yet to be imagined. Imbued with its own abilities and qualities, it is awake, sentient, ready to explore and shape this emerging cosmos.

Determine Your Niche

Each Inkling has been born into a niche. It provides shelter from the elements, and portals to new horizons. Like a coral reef, these biotechnical voxels have been stacked together in regions across the planet.

Discover Your World

This planet is wild and protean. It forms and fluxes, impossible to map from a single point of view. Only by sharing their viewpoints can Inklings define the contours of their world, and find their purpose.

n. Enter The Garden. Enter

Enter The Garden. Enter The Garden.En

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Garden Palm Garden Palm Garden

Garden Palm Garden Palm Garden

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